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NicSelect™ 100mg (PG) - 15ML

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NicSelect™ unflavored pure nicotine liquid product manufactured by Alchem International.

Alchem International’s Nicotine USP/EP liquid is isolated from natural tobacco leaves by a series of extraction and purification stages specifically developed to give e-liquid manufacturers an all-natural (non-synthetic) and superior organic nicotine liquid.

This organic nicotine liquid provides that soft throat hit and mixes very well with flavoring concentrates and other ingredients.

If you’re looking to create premium flavored e-liquid with nicotine, this will take your product to the next level.


Manufacturer specified gravity: 1.040 g/ml

Strength: 100mg / 100%
Origin: India
Imported From: USA
Kosher: Certified
Purity: 100.1% - 100.5%
Color: Clear to Pale Yellow

Warnings List
  • Please keep away from reach of children and pets.
  • This is a concentrated material, and must be diluted before use.
  • Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept sales returns.
  • We did not change the original formula by any means.
  • Imported from "NicSelect, USA", diluted to 100mg and lab-repacked by Vapolicious™ in a high-grade factory sterilized bottles.
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